Third Grade Reading Guarantee

IMG_9068The Third Grade Reading Guarantee is a program of the Ohio Department of Education with a goal to make sure all students from kindergarten through third grade are on track for reading success.

This requirement ensures that students who are falling behind receive the help they need by working closely with teachers and families to develop a plan to get them back on track.  Third grade students who do not reach minimum requirements are at risk of not advancing to fourth grade.

AkronReads works closely with APS schools by focusing on students who need extra reading practice and give them personal attention, creating a positive experience centered around reading.

To obtain up-to-date information on the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, as well as resources for teachers and families, please visit the Third Grade Reading Guarantee website. For further information on the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, please see the Akron Public Schools website.

Akron Reads Student Selection Criteria (2) for school year 2015-16


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