Corporate Partners

Thank you to all of our generous and dedicated AkronReads Corporate Partners!


AAA Akron Auto Club

Akron Beacon Journal

Akron Children’s Hospital

Akron General Medical Center

Allstate Insurance

Bridgestone Corporation

The Bridgestone Corporation Story:

Bridgestone has been an Akron Reads partner since 2013.  In our first year, 17 employees participated in the program.  When recruitment was held the next year, 29 employees volunteered! Increased participation was the result of tutors sharing their positive experiences with co-workers.  Our tutors work at Voris CLC, and the faculty and students have been wonderful. Tutors are invited to the Voris Family Night, which showcases the students’ progress. It was rewarding to see how much the parents and students appreciated our efforts.  Bridgestone’s tutors build a bond with their students and the school.  Participation in AkronReads helps fulfill our company’s vision of being an outstanding corporate citizen.  We are pleased to be a part of this important program in our community.

GPD Group

The GPD Group story:

GPD has partnered with the AkronReads program and Firestone Park Elementary School since 2005. Our team of tutors helps children in the areas of reading and math, and also purchases equipment, materials, and resources to further support the school. Our organization is dedicated to supporting the future of students in our community through the power of reading. We are honored to hold such a strong partnership with both the AkronReads program and the Firestone Park community.

Summa Health System

The Summa Health System story:

Summa Health System has been an AkronReads partner since 2001. One of Summa’s core values is community service, and we encourage our employees to become involved in their communities through volunteer service activities and to support programs that enrich the quality of life and opportunities for all citizens. Each week, our team of tutors makes a positive difference in the lives of the children we serve.  This year, the Third Grade Reading Guarantee goes into effect, which means that third graders who do not pass a proficiency test at the end of the school year will not be promoted to fourth grade.  Right now, approximately one-third of Akron Public Schools’ third graders are not on track to pass this test!  We need tutors now more than ever. Our community cannot thrive without educating our children, and Summa Health System is proud to play a role in these efforts.


The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


University Park YMCA

The University Park YMCA story: 

As an organization that fosters a commitment to focusing on youth development and nurturing the potential of children, the YMCA recognizes what a great opportunity the Akron Reads program is and we hope to continue to be a part of this community effort. This is our first year participating in the program, and it has been such a fulfilling experience. It is gratifying to see a child have a breakthrough, whether it is figuring out a difficult word or finishing a book all on his or her own. Knowing that our team has made a small difference makes being a tutor all the more worthwhile.