For Parents

fp-imgA love for reading starts at home! There are many things that parents and family members can do every day to help their children learn to love reading.  Follow these tips to help your child with reading, writing and comprehension when they’re away from the classroom.

Make it fun

  • Make the reading experience a special one by having your child pick out books at your local library and check them out with his/her own library card.
  • Check your library for fun events that encourage reading in a new environment.
  • Give books as gifts and keep them in a favorite place at home.

Get them to “read one more”

  • Encourage your child to read multiple books by an author they enjoy. Introduce your child to books in a series, like Arthur or The Berenstain Bears.
  • Purchase a children’s magazine subscription in your child’s name.
  • Visit to find recommendations for books at your child’s grade level.
  • Another great place to go for resources is your local public library – ask your librarian for suggestions!

Use it in a sentence

When your child learns a new word, try to use it in everyday conversation to help him/her understand the meaning.

Make a writing toolbox

  • Decorate a shoebox and fill it with your child’s favorite writing and drawing materials.
  • Find everyday opportunities for your child to write – shopping lists, invitations, birthday cards and more!

A little of this, a little of that

  • Expose your child to a variety of writing genres and styles to see what they like best.
  • Some kids love fanciful fiction stories, while others might prefer non-fiction books.
  • Experiment and ask your child to compare and contrast the books they read.

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